Guidelines for Writing A Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a kind of writing that describes a place, person, situation or objection. The main purpose is to explain your point of view in detail. The task is mainly given to test the writer’s ability to explain the experiences.
Such a writing type should create a clear image in the reader’s mind. However, it is not possible to invoke the reader’s emotions without the proper usage of words. Similarly, it is not meant to persuade the audience by showing facts and figures.
Writing a descriptive essay is a challenging task because you focus on a certain person or event. Students usually get these essays in high school and college.
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If you are planning to write an essay yourself, this article will provide you everything that you need to get started.
Starting A Descriptive Essay
A strong start is a must thing for your descriptive essay. Follow the below steps to write a descriptive essay.
  1. The first step is to analyze the topic from every angle and observe small details.
  • Start with noticing all the possible aspects
  • Observe the surroundings as well
  • Focus on all the supporting details and develop your opinion about it
  1. Consider the following points when describing the physical features of the subject.
  • Provide a detailed description of the features i.e. living or nonliving
  • The subject’s skin color, smoothness, and age
  • The features of the object i.e. color, surface and texture
  1. Creating an interesting drama is the main element of writing a good descriptive essay. It turns your writing piece even more exciting. However, be sure about using a proper sentence structure that complements your story.
  2. Always focus on your feeling about a certain topic or person. It helps you get involved in the subject easily.
  3. Make sure to select the best words for describing an action or object. Do not always use the first word that comes to your mind. Instead, use specific words to convey your thoughts.
  4. A writer should also focus on the mental and physical aspects of the subject. Similarly, also notice body language.
  5. Analyze different aspects by asking yourself "why"? Knowing the why can help you describe the topic properly.
Descriptive Essay Outline
It is important to plan an outline before start writing an essay. It includes:
  • Introduction
It is the first impression of your work that can convince the reader to continue reading. Always start your essay with a simple and easy to understand language. Also, provide the background information so that the readers can understand the topic.
  • Thesis Statement
It is an integral part of your essay that focuses on the main argument. It provides a chance to explain the purpose and scope of the topic.
  • Body Paragraphs
Body paragraphs come after the introduction and the thesis statement. Usually, an essay consists of three to five body paragraphs. Avoid adding more than one idea in a single paragraph.
  • Conclusion
It is the last part and probably the last chance to impress the reader. Therefore, to make it interesting and thought-provoking, include the following elements.
  • Summarize the information
  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Add a closing statement
By following the above-mentioned guideline, you can write a perfect descriptive essay. If you are unable to a descriptive essay then search for any reliable essay writing service online.